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First submit a brief description of the R&D project or type of work you need to have done.

We will send you a Brief Initial Project Response, which basically tells you if we can do such a project, and we will provide some related data.

If you find the data pertinent and are interested in exploring further, then contact either by phone or by email your project leaders and use open dialog to explore all the details of your project, such as cost considerations, time deadlines you need to meet, and other related details.

Upon you decision to move forward on the project or service, a contract is signed by both you and us designating as clear as possible the project, deadlines, costs, times of delivery of Alpha/Beta and final releases, times of payment, testing periods, documentation requirements, what the deliverables or services will include, acceptance periods, and other terms needed for a complete end-to-end well-managed project that ensures success.                                                                   

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Contact us at: info@OffshoreSoftwareDev.com